"When the biggest obstacle is in front of our eyes, we must learn to overcome and be fruitful.

Rice and Beans Ministries has always worked to overcome a persistent obstacle in Costa Rica - hungry communities with a lack of food. We faced this issue head on with door to door food deliveries, food drives, and more. During this year, this obstacle grown more than we ever expected. Gardens of Hope is our chance to overcome that obstacle in a sustainable way while using it as a ministry opportunity.

Our goal with Gardens of Hope is not solely about the food, it's about teaching resiliency, sustainable practices, and fruitfulness even in times of uncertainty. Gardens of Hope is a RABMIN initiative to grow fruits and vegetables on site to feed our community, our teams, and our neighbors. This also allows us to teach gardening as a sustainable way of life within our communities. The resources we are able to provide and the connections we are able to make through Gardens of Hope helps us spread the message of Christ during these difficult times.

Your gift will provide resources such as seeds, supplies and upkeep within the gardens such as feeding team members and equipment, as well as continuing community outreach and children’s ministries.

 "It is not only about the plants ,but the seeds we plant along the way."

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